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ChristTown Ministries, Inc.

Changing Lives By Christ Centered Living... One Life At A Time

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Residential Program
  • Men's residential recovery Program
  • Christian 12-Step Recovery Meetings
  • Family Recovery Classes
  • 7-Steps To Freedom In Christ Bible Study
  • Anger Management Education/Counseling
  • GED Prep Classes
  • Relapse Prevention Meetings
  • Church Services
  • OutReach Programs 
  • Christian Recovery Bible Study

Admission Forms
                                                  Program Agreement                        
                                                  Family Participation Letter
                                                   Resident Memory Verses

Family Meetings

Family meetings are required for any family/friends that want to participate in a ChristTown Ministry's program participant's recovery.  There are four meetings, meeting #1 Rules is required before any communication will be approved between family/friend and program participant.  All four meetings must be attended by anyone wishing to participate in program participants' off campus visits.  Please refer to the ministry calendar for times/availability of these meetings or for current schedule.
                                   #1  Rules ... participants will gain an understanding of CMI rules, what they are and why we have them.                                       
                                   #2  Symptoms... participants will gain an understanding of symptoms of alcohol/drug addict                                          
                                   #3  Forgiveness... participants will gain freedom found in forgiveness
                                   #4  Relapse Prevention...participants will gain an understanding of what relapse is, how to forecast and divert it.